The Bittunes App (overview)

BT_deviceThe Bittunes application is currently only available for Android users, although during 2015 we plan to make the system available on various other platforms. However in the mean time we have decided to create a series of pages to run through all the features of the current platform, so current and future users can understand how all the different aspects work together.

The Side Menu..

Understanding the side menu can give quite a good insight into some of the main features of the current Bittunes application.


The screens below are the various sections of the Bittunes app that are linked from the side menu.. You can follow the icons and headings in the ‘menu graphic’ above to compare and find the relevant section below. These are all ‘Community’ and ‘Resource’ pages with the exception of ‘Earning By Traded Songs’ and Points & Levels’ which are more associated with your ‘My Profile’ page..  (See below for information on ‘My Profile’)


My Profile..

Your ‘My Profile’ page is really the hub of the Bittunes application.. It has its own menu system which connects a series of sub pages, (8 for Artists and 7 for other user types).

Public Profiles are what you see when you visit other user’s Profiles on Bittunes. They look very similar to your own ‘My Profile’ page, but they have Green navigation icons, (see below left). Of course each user has a Public Profile and a Private Profile page..  Your own ‘My Profile’ is your ‘Private Profile’ (see below right). Your ‘My Page’ has all the control mechanisms required to manage your presence on Bittunes.