Pludo reviews Bittunes

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Australian singer songwriter Pludo (AKA Anthony Kupinic) has been road testing the Bittunes app for many months, and considering and comparing its capabilities and potential with other services he uses regularly.

He has also given us great feedback along the way and influenced how the app has developed, in terms of it’s communication and collaboration features. In this self recorded interview, apart from expressing his frustration with Facebook for the way he is charged for reaching out to his own followers, obliging him to spend “..thousands of dollars a year” promoting to his own database; and with iTunes for the way smaller acts become “..simply a drop of water in the iTunes ocean”, he breaks down the core value of Bittunes the following way:

“Not only is Bittunes a way to distribute 
 your music, you can directly communicate 
 with your fans, and there’s an incentive 
 for them to promote your music.” ~ Pludo

Android_DevicesThe current Android app development which began in November 2013 and has been on Google Play in Alpha testing status since March 2014, has benefited enormously from the feedback and support of Alpha testers as we added and refined features and tested and debugged the app for numerous different Android formats, makes and models. The app is now supported on over 3200 different Android devices, from multiple phones to phablets to medium and large tablets.

A global earning platform supporting the premier alternative currency… Bitcoin

However, Bittunes is more than just an Android app, it is a new platform that has been designed to fully integrate Bitcoin as its native currency to enable a completely legal re-imagining and reinvention of music file sharing.  The platform will also soon be available as a desktop PC application as well, and this is when we believe that Bittunes will start to achieve wide adoption across many territories, because it offers a global solution, with the world’s first global currency, to a world wide problem within the digital music ecosystem.

 “Non Artist revenue accounts for 78% of Global Music Industry revenue..” – MIDIA

Music's_Problem2Artists are getting screwed.. we all know it, and its time to do something about it. We feel that this is one of the most important issues around at the moment, but it is an issue that many people have not known how to solve.

We feel that the solution must lie, not with finding cheaper and cheaper ways to stream music in highly selected and cherry-picked markets, but with fundamentally changing the way music is distributed.

This requires taking digital music distribution out of the hands of multinational Corporations and putting it for the first time… into the hands of the people that actually buy the music. This represents a new kind of partnership between Artists and fans, that is long overdue, and we welcome and are very grateful for the early assistance of Artists like Pludo who are helping us design and develop this new paradigm.

(graphic courtesy Music Industry Blog, ‘Digital Ascendency: The Future Music Forum Keynote’ )